65 Pakenham Street Blackburn VIC 3130
Original location in 1940 opposite the Blackburn railway station.
Original location in 1960 opposite the Blackburn railway station.
Pakenham Street location in 1963 before relocation
Blackburn Bowls Club Pakenham Street 1975.
Blackburn Bowls Club Pakenham Street 1987.
Blackburn Bowls Club Opening Day Pakenham Street 1980.



The history of Blackburn Bowls Club originally formed in 1927 in South Parade, Blackburn and because of growth moved to our present location in Pakenham St.

A meeting in the supper room of the Blackburn Hall on Saturday July 17th 1926 allowed a committee to secure a freehold property in what would become the Blackburn Bowls Club.  The property was located in South Parade, where the RSL stands today.

Why Choose Blackburn Bowls Club

We have sides in both Saturday and Midweek Pennant

We have four sides in Saturday Pennant, Our top side is in division 1, our second and third side is in division 3 and our fourth side is in division 6.  We have 2 Midweek Pennant sides.

We have 2 grass and 1 synthetic green

We bowl all year round and have bowls events nearly every week.

Bowls Coaching Available

With qualified coaches happy to help, coaching is available at request for club members.

Social Memberships Available

For $25 a year, social membership is a great option for those that just want to have a roll up and a drink at the bar.